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Sporting Standards for a Non-Profit University.

Dec 14 2016 Published by under Academia, Education

  1. There shall be no compensation for any coach.
  2. There shall be no selling of tickets to matches.
  3. There shall be no revenue to the university from televising or otherwise reporting matches.
  4. All participants, coaches, and planners shall be full- or part-time students enrolled in the school.
  5. Medical staff are an exemption to 4.
  6. Medical staff are not an exemption to 1.

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The Standards for a Non-Profit University.

Dec 13 2016 Published by under Academia, Education

I saw a tweet today that says something I've been thinking for quite some time in that distilled pith that twitter encourages:

This is also true of hospitals, which do not care for health or relieving suffering but only income. The modern non-profit institution is non-profit in legalese only. Make no mistake, they are there to accumulate wealth and little else. Universities are banks with the patina of education.

Thus, here I set out a few rules I would require before considering any institution of higher education to be one dedicated to truth, knowledge, and education rather than profits and incomes.

  1. At least 80% of faculty are tenure-track.
  2. At least 80% of faculty teach at least one class every semester.
  3. The faculty to administration ratio is at least 3:2.
  4. The highest paid full-time employee makes no more than 10 times the lowest paid full-time employee.
  5. All facilities and administration costs charged to grants are publicly accounted and transparent.
  6. No more than 25% of student class-hours are taught by adjunct professors*.
  7. The ratio of total salary committed to faculty to administration is no lower than 1:1.
  8. No person who does not teach at least one course a year, or directly mentor students, shall be considered "faculty".
  9. Administrative service by faculty shall be paid, protected time.
  10. All revenue minus expenses are reinvested in an endowment, scholarships, or provided as research and dissemination funds to faculty.

Universities - to be considered non-profit institutions of learning - should have to be non-profit institutions of learning. Rather than pyramidal funnels of money to an elite administrative class.


*A class that is worth 3 credit hours and has 100 students represents 300 student class-hours

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